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Homemade chicken salami

Homemade chicken salami

500 g chicken breast, legs …
100 g of smoked bacon, ham …
1 cup of fresh red pepper
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon of black pepper milled
1 teaspoon of milled coriander
A bit of kim
A little grated fennel
Chopped parsley leaf
Onions and garlic as desired

Grind on a meat grinder or blender meat (I used chicken breast and pork but) and dry smoked bacon which gives salami fine smoked walnuts. In the second combination, I used chopped chicken breast and ground chicken bacon. Soak or grind fresh red pepper and add it to meat, salt, pepper and spices. The mixture should be thoroughly coated and molded into one or two rows of cake baking paper or food packaging foil. Rolepole slightly with oil or wet hands, align the roll mixture and firmly wrap it in the foil or paper, and tie the ends together.

Prepare the prepared roll in a bowl with boiling water, reduce the temperature, and cook cooked for about 1 hour at low temperature.

Sliced ​​salami, drain and leave to cool together with wrapping of foil or paper. Wrap cooled salad in new paper and store in cooler to cool well.


Salam can be very thin to cut, you do not have to be afraid it will crumble.

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